Lakeside Farms Life!

Our family began farming in the Tri-State area in 2004 with our early focus of eliminating the use of genetically modified seed (GMO) and reducing the use of RoundUp —the cancer causing herbicide that is used excessively in today’s agricultural industry. Over the next decade, we grew into a sustainable farm that produces GMO-free hay, wheat, corn, and soybeans.  We put forth the extra effort needed to producing competitive yields and profitability like our GMO counterparts.

Wanting a clean and healthy protein source for our family, like the one Trent’s family raised in Ohio 40 years ago, we started raising Black Angus steers, pigs, and chickens.   Our livestock’s feeding needs are provided solely by our farm’s GMO-free production. We refrain from the use of steroids, hormones, or antibiotics– focusing on a healthier quality meat.

As local awareness and request for our products grew, the next step for us became apparent and in the Spring of 2015, Lakeside Farms Market opened to the public. In January 2017, we moved to a larger retail location allowing us to grow our business.  Our market represents some of the everyday products we use on a daily basis; Non-GMO Beef, Pork & Chicken, Non-GMO Breads, Amish Cheese, Goats Milk Lotions & Soaps, Local Honey, Essential Oils, and Turmeric & Ginger. We are always looking for fresh, natural, locally produced products to enjoy and share! We invite you to our market!

Trent & Charrissa Rager

“We LOVE Lakeside Farms! The beef, pork, and chicken are fantastic, not to mention the wonderful farm fresh eggs.  The beef and pork are so tasty, especially the smoked pork chops, ground beef, steaks, roasts—well everything.  The chicken is the best I have had in years.  The greatest thing is you know where the meat comes from–non GMO, no steroids or hormones. We are very thankful for Lakeside Farms!”

Kathy Dowe—Angola, IN –September 2016

Whole Chicken

“I was so excited to find Lakeside Farm Market! A local source for meat that is GMO-Free is important for me.  I spent 2015 having radiation treatments for recurring cancer.  We love the beef and chicken.  We appreciate the way the hamburger is packaged so we can buy 2lbs but use 1lb at a time.  And don’t forget the eggs.  I’m so proud to buy locally and to keep small businesses growing in our county. ”

Diane Cooper—Angola, IN —December 2016

Not only do I love the meat at Lakeside Farm Market, I’m sold on the turmeric and doTERRA Essential Oils.  I started taking turmeric and am no longer tired all the time.  I have a noticeable change in my energy level.  I use lemon, wild orange and peppermint essential oils in my drinking water. It tastes great and keeps my breathe fresh!  Frankincense goes on my face everyday for a  more youthful look and I take OnGuard beadlets to fight off germs and flu bugs.  There are lots of other oils and uses and I’m excited to learn more about them.  Thank you, Charrissa Rager & Lakeside Farm Market.

Barb Dudding, Ft. Wayne, IN, July 2016